Architectural Review Board

The purpose of the ARB is to protect the value, appearance and use of property on which buildings are constructed or altered and to maintain a high character of community development by ensuring adherence to the standards spelled out in the ARB Standards.  You can also find ARB Suggested Green Building Practices and Sample Plans here. The ARB meets once a month, generally on the last Monday of the month; dates are on our calendar.  Any member in good standing is welcome to attend the meeting. 

The ARB Application for Home Improvement must be uploaded below (or submitted to any ARB member), along with plans and designs, at least 7 days prior to a scheduled meeting.

Jill Savin, Board Liaison

Torrey McNeal

Jamie Kress

Cori Sieger

Sally Harrold

Sue Halverstadt

Tiffany Fenner

Robert Klank

Denise Tevepaugh