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Architectural Review Board

The purpose of the ARB is to protect the value, appearance and use of property on which buildings are constructed or altered and to maintain a high character of community development by ensuring adherence to the standards spelled out in the ARB StandardsPlease read Section 6, Approval Process for complete application requirements.  You can also find ARB Suggested Green Building Practices and Sample Plans here.

For alterations that require zoning approval/variance, (new construction, house/garage expansions, sheds, etc.) Bainbridge Township requires that these changes be pre-approved by the ARB.  Following ARB approval, application then can be made to the Bainbridge Township Zoning/Zoning Board of Appeals.  Once approved by the township, you will need to submit your zoning permit or variance approval to the ARB for final ARB approval.

The ARB Application below must be completed (or submitted to an ARB member), along with plans and designs, at least 7 days prior to a scheduled meeting.
  Material & color samples, where applicable are required and can be provided to any ARB member.  The ARB meets once a month, generally on the last Monday of the month (dates are on our calendar).  Once approved, a signed copy of plans will be returned to the homeowner and construction can begin.  Homeowners who fail to submit an application for ARB review in advance of work are subject to a  fine of up to $1000 at the ARB's discretion.

ARB Members:  Paul Azzolina, Steve Bozarth, Sean Latona, Cindy Massey, Greg McBride, Ellen Stanton, J'aime Stratton, Jason Walker, and Carol Weinberg.  Jon Baker is the Board liaison to the ARB.

PLEASE NOTE: Your application will be reviewed at the next scheduled ARB meeting (typically the last Monday of the month) if submitted at least 7 days prior. An ARB member will contact you following that meeting to inform you of the status of your application - whether approved, denied, or more information needed.