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Lake Lucerne Memorial Bricks

If your loved one who lived in Lake Lucerne has passed away, and you’d like to order a Memorial Brick in their memory, please contact Jon Manke at:

8451 Summit Drive

Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023
[email protected]

Please provide the following:

1. First name, and last name of deceased – as it should appear on the brick
2. Year of birth
3. Year of death
4. Also, include your name, phone number, and email address – for contact
purposes – if there are any questions.

Please include a check made payable to "Lake Lucerne Memorial Fund" @ $50 per brick.
In addition – if you would like to make a contribution for upkeep of the memorial pond
brick area - it would be appreciated.

The Memorial Brick order “cut-off-date” will be April 30th. This way the brick
installation will occur prior to July 4th.