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Garden Club/Merchandise

The Garden Club coordinates many opportunities where our residents help maintain the beauty and culture of Lake Lucerne.  This spirit of volunteerism is one that our community cherishes and helps maintain the spirit of the Lake. 

If you are an adult female living in the Lake Lucerne community, you are automatically a member of the Garden Club!  The community has always come together to maintain and beautify the grounds and provide a family feeling in everything we do.  The annual plant sale and the sale of Lake Lucerne merchandise (t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.) are fundraisers that support the Garden Club events and activities.

Events Sponsored by the Garden Club include:                                 

  • LL Merchandise
  • Tying of the Greens
  • Santa's Visit
  • Gardening 101                                                                    Contact the Garden Club
  • Plant Sale                                                                           Lake Lucerne Merchandise 
  • Easter Egg Hunt                                                                  Merchandise Order Form
  • Clean Up Day Gardens
  • Welcome Tea (Fall)                                                                                                           oOxojd5oYZvPALME.jpg